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Jurassic of 2048

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At Jurassic of 2048 game, we used dinosaurs instead of numbers to make the game more enjoyable. Every dinosaur represents a number. Our smallest number is 2 and a dinosaur egg represents this number. You must bring same dinosaurs side by side beginning dinosaur egg and you must find next dinosaur. Our biggest number is 2048 as the name of the game implies. Our 2048 number is represented by our biggest dinosaur Tyrannosaurus – Rex.

Our game consists of 16 squares. You can make the squares move sliding your hands right – left, up – down on the screen. During the movement the same squares will come together side by side and will form next dinosaur. If the dinosaurs on the squares are different from each other or empty, only squares will change sides.

Let’s look which dinosaurs are represented by which numbers?

* 2 number, dinasour egg.
* 4 number, VELOCIRAPTOR
* 16 number, SUCHOMIMUS
* 32 number, STEGOSAURUS
* 64 number, APOTOSAURUS
* 128 number, DIMORPHIDON
* 256 number, HYBRID T-REX
* 512 number, TRICERATOPS
* 1024 number, ANKYLOSAURUS
* 2048 number, TYRANOSAURUS – REX

If you are at your lucky day, you can start with level 4 dinosaur watching an advertisement video. This will give you a chance to go forward fast and find the biggest dinosaur.

Sometimes you can think that you move wrong. You have at least three rights to take back your move.

At the game you can see the biggest dinosaur at the bottom of the screen. You can obtain the information pressing ‘l’ button.

Let’s see you now! How good are you at this game? Can you go on until you find Tyrannosaurus – Rex?

Have a good time!

Required Plug-ins for Game : Adobe Flash Player  

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