Find Dinosaur Bones

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Find Dinosaur Bones

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2.5 (50%) 4 votes

We are going into an enjoyable and mysterious adventure with you. You will witness the life of dinosaurs which lived millions years ago and you will get to know them well. That they do not live nowadays doesn’t mean they didn’t live before. We all know that dinosaurs are huge creatures. Do you dream that you live during dinosaur time? Is it terrifying?

Let’s get information about dinosaurs? We will look for bones belong to dinosaurs the following.

1. Hybrit Triceratops
2. Ankylosaurus
3. Triceratops
4. Hybrid T-Rex Gen-2
5. Baryonx
6. Apatosaurus
7. Stegosaurus
8. Parasaurolophus
9. Velociraptor
10. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Now let’s look our tasks in our game.

We have an old and charming map in which there are dinosaurs fossils. We will look for dinosaur fossils at points on the map. We will collect dinosaur bones breaking stones with our pickaxe. Be careful! Don’t break bones. After collecting the bones of dinosaurs, we will take them to the workshop to put them together. We will put dinosaur bones together carefully as the same.

Our game consists of 10 sections. Have a good time!

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